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October 3, 2008
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Monte Clerigo by AndyMumford Monte Clerigo by AndyMumford
Submitted to scraps for a journal entry

Last weekend I went to Algarve, in the south of Portugal, and on one day we had some interesting weather.

I've wanted to photograph this beach "properly" for a while now. It's on the Atlantic coast of Algarve, which is very wild.
The rocks there are beautiful, this kind of sheered look carries on all the way up the cliffs, and I had a feeling it would work well with water washing over it.

Anyway, I took quite a few shots there on Saturday and had a good session. I quite like this shot (which I took really as a test to see the how well the dark rocks came out, and to compare exposure values between the rocks and the sky), and thought about submitting it as a proper deviation....but as I want to submit one of two shots from the same session, I don't want to have more than two shots in my gallery with the same sky.
So here it is as a scrap for anyone who's interested.

Lee 3 stop hard grad, tripod and cable release
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JulienKraakman Mar 31, 2009  Hobbyist Photographer
Man this is really not a scrap Andy! How dare you submit this into scraps so i didn't get noticed? :p Are those tiny figures in the far background people? Love that detail. Really nice sharpness and contrast. Really love the detail in texture on the rocks. Great job!
Wohooo ... wanna get this to my desktop but your uploaded resolution is to small (and upscaling sucks). Hopefully you are so kind to upload a background version (for 1024x600).

Thanks in advance.
static-13 Oct 12, 2008
Eu diria que está foto podia estar bem melhor num dia com melhores nuvens. As sombras criadas pelas rochas são mesmo boas e dão um bom ambiente a esta foto :D

waiting to see your final bet for this photography spot. :)
More to come from here soon :-)
static-13 Oct 13, 2008
Bring it on! :)

btw, just wondering, why do you reply in english to a portuguese comment?(nothing against it, just curiosity).
Because in all my time in Portugal, while I speak Portuguese all the time, I rarely need to write it...and consequently my written Portuguese is full of spelling errors. I prefer to know that I'm writing correctly.
The other thing is that I know that lots of people read comments, and it's nice that it's in a language that everyone understands...for example, when people reply in Greek to a Greek artist, I sometimes wonder what they are saying.

I have no problem at all reading Portuguese comments, but I'm English, English is my first language and the language I speak better, so it's the language I'll use....unless it's someone who doesn't speak any English at all :-)
static-13 Oct 13, 2008
Yah, I wonder what those greeks talk about too, or turks or french(my french is rusty since 8th grade...) or any other language.....

I feel kind of differently, I lived only a third of my life in Portugal, although I speak much better Portuguese than my first language(presumely Romanian, in Moldova they can't just decide whatever it's romanian or moldovan, total madness).

Liking Portugal so far?
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